5 Mistakes Commonly Made When Choosing Wedding Flowers 

The event you’ve always dreamed of is almost here. The big day is right around the corner. You are spending the months leading up to the wedding figuring out your theme, colors, outfits, and more. One of the most important parts of the wedding’s overall design rests with the flowers you choose. And while the type and color of flower is up to you, there are certain do’s and don’ts that more people should abide by before locking in a final choice in floral arrangements. 

Here are the 5 most common mistakes made when choosing wedding flowers and how to avoid them.

  1. Scheduling a Floral Consultation Way Too Early

You definitely want to carve some time out of your schedule to speak with a florist who will be making your arrangements for you. However, you don’t want to book this date too early, since trends and plans tend to change. That isn’t to say you should wait until the last minute, because then you will be truly unsatisfied – but give it a little bit of time so you are absolutely certain that you know what kind of floral arrangements you want.  

  1. Blindly Believing Online Snapshots

Photoshop is a magical thing. It can make flowers look bright and vibrant, almost unnaturally so. You may start to get false expectations when it comes to picking out fresh flowers for your wedding. It’s best to seek out a professional and visit a florist on site so you can get a good glimpse of the real flowers that are available to you.  

  1. Misusing a Personal Inspiration Board

A common practice among brides-to-be is to create a visual display board where they can start bringing all the elements of their wedding together during the brainstorming phase. But an unorganized board can be detrimental to the actual planning of the wedding. Make sure that, when you are creating your inspiration board, you keep everything on theme with the same style, design, and color palette. And of course, this especially includes the flowers.  

  1. Getting Too Fixed on the Specifics

It’s good to know exactly what you want. However, if you become too detail-oriented, you may never find something that satisfies you. In your head, you may have an image of a bouquet of flowers that are the perfect shade of light blue. But when looking at the flowers in person, you may not find that exact shade or color. It’s important to approach the floral arrangement planning phase with an open mind, because you may not find the “perfect” flower – and that’s okay.  

  1. Ignoring the Florist’s Ideas

You hired a professional florist for a reason. It is their responsibility to create your arrangements and bouquets to your liking. But oftentimes, florists feel shoved under the bus as clients express a disappointment in their work. Remember that everyone has a different design style and aesthetic, and each florist is known for a particular kind of work. Make sure you do your research before setting your mind on a particular person. You should also check out betterflowerdelivery.com/ for some of the best florists in India.

Get the Perfect Flowers for Your Wedding! 

As long as you remain fairly open-minded and you get a good head start on narrowing down your specific design, color, and aesthetic preferences for your wedding, you will be able to have the perfect arrangements by the time your big day comes. This is the day you’ve been waiting for, and it’s bound to be perfect!