Top 5 Fishing Nets

There are a lot of factors that need to be considered before choosing the right type of fishing net. The size of fish that you need to capture, the temperature of the water, the intensity of the tides, and the turbidity of the water that you choose to carry out your fishing in.

If you happen to choose a net that is not well suited to the conditions that you are fishing in, it might lead to a great loss of time and money.

If you’re an active fisher, you must know the antagonizing feeling that you experience when even after hours of strategizing, plotting, and locating the right location, the fishes just swim right through the net and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Needless to say, this major inconvenience can be easily solved if you invest your hard-earned money into the right kind of fishing net specially designed to catch the fishes with the utmost comfort and ease.

The perfect fishing nets are the ones that not only catch the fish efficiently but also keep them safe and secure inside the net so that they do not suffer from trauma.

The right fishing nets not only protect your fish but also keeps your hands safe and secure from the sharp hooks and refrain the treble hooks from grappling down the bait.

Before you read any further through this article you need to consider a few factors that you might want to consider before choosing the right type of fishing net.

The first factor that you need to consider is the size of the fish that you need to catch. In most cases, the size of the net is directly proportional to the size of the fish you aim to catch.

If you are aiming to catch a Muskellunge opting for a cheap net with a hoop size meant for a Walleye and Bass is probably not the best idea.

For sturdier fish breeds like Pike, Catfish, and Bass you can go for rubber-coated or rubber mesh nets.

On the contrary, sensitive fish breeds like Trout which are not as sturdy as Bass or Catfish, nets that have a smooth webbing that makes cradling the fish easier for release and unhooking might be the best choice for you.

The second major factor to be considered is the location. Whether you fish on a boat, on a kayak, or on a shore, the types of equipment needed are different in each case.

Fishing on a kayak, for example, requires more maneuverability hence, you need a shorter net in that case. While fishing on bass, a much heavier rubber mesh is needed.

Now that we have all the factors considered, let’s move on to the top 5 fishing nets that might be the best for you.

1. Octagon Handle Nets – Ranger Nets

These nets are great if you are a competitive fisherman participating in fishing tournaments for fishes such as bass fishes, yellow pike, pike, muskellunge, salmon, or big trout, the Ranger Net is the perfect net for you.

Ranger Nets are designed for a single purpose, to net fish. Another factor that makes the Ranger Nets a great investment is that it does not come equipped with any unnecessary features that are extremely sensitive and prone to breaking as you might have noticed in several other brands.

The handles are made of tough anodized aluminum and come equipped with an octagon handle attached to the yoke that guarantees a perfect deployment in every attempt.

The hoops of this fishing net are made of 5/8” anodized aluminum tubing, and the yoke is reinforced with more aluminum to allow for stability and a sturdy grip. One great feature of this net is that it provides additional spacing to make sure there is less water drag. The more drag you have, more fish can escape from your net because your net will move slower through the water.

Pros: Superior quality nets, available in numerous styles, secure octagon handles that have no twist.

Cons: Made specifically for larger predator fish breeds.


2. Bubba Fishing Nets

Bubba is a brand popularly known for fillet knives. One thing you might not know is that they make all kinds of boating gear as well. They also make boating gear like landing nets as well as fishing pilers. Bubba nets are truly premium and are some of the toughest fishing nets that I have ever seen.

Pros: Well Built, available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Cons: Expensive, immobile handles.


3. Frabill Conservation Landing Nets

The Frabill comes equipped with a telescoping handle especially for the extra reach, and that too, one-handed.

The cam-locking yoke collapses with ease for convenient and compact storage. The material of this net makes it easier to de-tangle certain hooks from the net. The net material is 100% knot-less mesh netting and is also gentle on the fish as well.

Pros: Telescoping Handle, spacy hoop sizes, and basket depths for easy netting of fish.

Cons: Expensive.


4. KastKing Folding Landing Net

This net comes equipped with a patent-pending collapsing net along with a foldable hoop. The yoke and folding mechanisms are made of graphite and aluminum. The net hoop and the handle are made of aluminum.

This net is extremely lightweight and extends to a great length which makes it a great net to use if you are fishing on a kayak. The net is designed for fishing and is of a rectangular shape which makes it netting fishes easier.

Moreover, this net also comes along with a storage bag so that your network is well protected during transport.

Pros: Affordable, hook-proof mesh, big baskets, collapsible and foldable fishing net.

Cons: Not sturdy and durable enough.


5. Frabill Trophy Haul Bearclaw

The angler grips along with the yoke and the handle rests on the arm. The hoop has a gentle rounded leading edge which is rectangular. The netting basket is flat and allows the fish to slide with ease and is well tapered towards the back.

Frabill put some great detailing in the design and hence provides an optimal netting experience for kayak fishing.

Pros: Built for Kayak Fishing and one-handed landing of fish.

Cons: Heavy